New Life Midwifery


New Life MidwiferyMidwifery means, “with woman”.  We at New Life Midwifery believe that pregnancy and childbirth are among the most special and memorable events in a woman’s life.  And since no two women are the same, our services are unique and personal, tailored to each woman’s specific needs.


New Life MidwiferyOur midwives are licensed, Certified Direct-Entry midwives.  We bring a combined 25 years of maternity care experience.  Professionalism is important to us. We create an atmosphere that is safe, comfortable, and enjoyable as we establish a trusting relationship with our clients and their families.


New Life MidwiferyLearning to trust our bodies and birth as a natural process is a foundation to midwifery.  God made the woman’s body to give birth and we trust that.  There are so many benefits to natural birth for you and your baby.  If this is all new to you, we encourage you to look into this and discover the joy a natural childbirth can bring to your family.

New Life

New Life MidwiferyWe believe one of the greatest experiences is bringing new life into the world.  We are dedicated to the women and families that choose to make the birth of their child a positive experience.  Pregnancy, childbirth and parenting change your whole life, making your life new.  We are here for you to help you embrace your new life!